Sunday, February 17, 2008

Episode#8 :Locke the superman(deleted)


IM redoing my look on Locke the superman
so thats the reason this episodes is no longer up....
The better and brand new look at locke will be on the way soon!


Unknown said...

Loving the show!

I know it was last episode in which you mentioned Helen McCarthy's reviews. Funnily enough, I own the book (I think it was printed in about 1996 so it's now wildy updated) and she gave Violence Jack something like a 4 star review!

Unknown said...

Im not sure which books of hers it was,I think I have 3 books of hers, It was a old book though.

Unknown said...

I believe it was "The Anime Movie Guide" , or something similar; Which featured something like an A-Z Encyclopedia with reviews attached. I'd actually be happy to find the book and type out the review but the book is currently tucked away on the otherside of the world to where I live in.