Friday, March 6, 2009

episode31:Astroboy 2003

Astro 2003 also it's anime82 Hokuto no Ken appreciation day!!
The ANIMELOVE compels you!!

download mp3 HERE


Unknown said...

Awesome episode! Starting to love Astro boy. Got vol. 1 and 2.

Root Beer King said...

Man, I can't wait for that batch torrent!

Great episode, as always!

Regan Strongblood said...

Anthony- its a great show.
Root beer king- you know im gonna hook you up!
p.s Im playing a rpg right now called Mario and Luigi superstar saga

Unknown said...

Mario and Luigi superstar saga is the biz.I finished that one a while ago on the DS.

Unknown said...

Jolly good episode!

It's nice to see a fellow warrior take up the mantle; "Defender Of Hokuto No Ken".

Root Beer King said...

Hey Regan, have you seen Waltz With Bashir yet?

I know it isn't anime, but I know you're into the animation, regardless of country.

Looks like a really good movie. Really beautiful artwork.
I'm ebaying it this very moment!

Regan Strongblood said...

Dane-We want ANIPAC episode one!!!

Root beer king-Waltz With Bashir is a film I have not seen as of yet,to tell you the truth I have never watched any animation from Israel looks interetsing I will have to check it out.

A good place for non Japanese animation thats great is

Unknown said...

I've got ANIPAC episode one all planned and ready to go, I've even pre-recorded some stuff. It's all up to Mr. Sorokopud at the moment; I'm hoping for Saturday.

The easter holiday is coming up in a few weeks, and that is essentially get everything that's been pending (Tobira O Akete & Wingman for example) and work on it. It's my last chance before my baby is born! (Not that I will stop doing those things, but understandably, the next few months will be time chewers!)

Root Beer King said...

Whoa, congrats on the baby Dane! I was wondering when that'd happen, haha.

tissuekins said...

Dude, FOTNS is about brotherhood and pure manly friendship. It;s about being a bro for your homie. It's also about kung fu, but the kung fu is a side effect of being a manly man-friend. Real men cry because they lose their bros. I don't know where I was going with that but awesome episode, and tell this strong blooded, and anime love giving contact of yours that I would love the astro boy episodes.

Rhayader said...

Hey, havnt listened to you podcast (or other podcasts) for awhile. Good to see youre still in bussiness :)


Sindar said...

I did not think that I would ever hear someone saying that he is offended my people laughing at Hokuto no Ken :D Though I get what you mean, the show definitely isn't just a comedy.
But at this point I am just happy when people mention the name of this anime, gives me this good feeling that I am not the only one who watches those old shows. And some scenes in Hokuto no Ken sure are funny =)

Anyway, thanks for the podcast, listened to half a dozen of your episodes, like your recommendations a lot.