Friday, April 23, 2010

Mecha Madness: The First defense!! 1/2

Ladies and Gentleman Anime82 returns with part one of our mecha review super show! Six powerful reviews on your favourite mecha shows of all times. Make sure you return for part 2 of the show as well, this week the ANIMELOVE is strong!!
-Phillip of Eeepers Choice reviews Gunbuster
-Oni also of Eeepers Choice reviews Gundam 00
-Alex of Anime Pacific reviews Gundam 08th MS Team
-Aaron of the now resting Warp anime podcast comes out of anime podcast retirement to rewarp us with Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Zache of the Manime podcast reviews Mega zone part 1
-Regan Strongblood (that’s me) takes a look at the classic Heavy Metal L-Gaim

download part one of Mecha Madness HERE


anthony said...

This was a smashing show Regan! I really dug this episode dude! My fave mecha shows from this review would be Gunbuster, L-gaim,and Megazone 23, simply cause I love 80s mecha most, I really dislike Eva cause of the religious themes and not really into Gundam 00. 08TH MS Team is all right, I just don't get how Shiro survived that Zaku gun blast at close range! Well onwards to part 2! BTW, Gaw Haw Lecce's hotter than Amu.

Regan Strongblood said...

Hey thanks alot for the comment anthony, I think over all of the shows talked about on part 1 I like Mega Zone 23 part 1 best. I am just in love with Mega Zone 23 part 1's character design. I just finished watching Dancougar, that also is a really cool show with really nice character design.

anthony said...

Your welcome Regan! I just finished Mazinkaiser! The original character designs from Mazinger Z looked pretty much the same and odd seeing them in new animation; the Mazinkaiser on the other hand, may be powerful, however his power is insignificant next to the power of the Ideon! I hope you cover Ideon in part 2 or another episode. I love the Ideon's big gun.

Regan Strongblood said...

Ideon is really great, I will cover it one day I promise! Mazinkaiser is covered in part 2 though.

anthony said...

Sweet! I wish the series was 13 episodes instead of 7, I would have loved to see the winged jetpack on Mazinkaiser was used more. Plus I thought Dr. Hell was suppose to have more lts. than Baron Ashura; he/she was creepy. Venus A was a pretty hot looking design! I dig red and white color schemes.

Regan Strongblood said...

Hey anthony, do you want the uncut astro boy 2003? If so gmail me your gmail address. Its nice to see a true mecha fan like yourself!!

anthony said...

I thank you for the offer Riggs, but I still got a pile of anime to go through such as Brained powered, Dominion tank police, Moespedia, Neo Ranga, The Silent Service, and Patlabour, Wings of Rean, Turn A Gundam and the rest of Golion. Man, I think my head exploded!

So yeah, I am huge mecha fan, Real Robot is my fave out of mecha. I owe that one to Starship Troopers for getting me into mecha as well as you Regan.

Also did you ever notice that Ideon has some similarities to Battlestar Galactica? Such as the aliens that attack space colonies and the survivors have to board a warship to escape than fight back?

carorizu said...

Great project, Regan! It was realy nice to hear Aaron's voice in anime review once again. He's the man responsible for my discovery of the world of podcasts. Love all the reviewd shows, but L-gaim just never got my attention before. You made more curious about it. I think i'll give it a shot now. Can't wait for part 2.

Regan Strongblood said...

Carorizu thanks so much man, there is no doubt Aaron is the man! The fact that you are now going to check out Heavy Metal L Gaim means the purpose of the podcast is working!

Heads up, there is a good chance of a part 3 aswell!!

VZ said...

Hi Regan. I totally agree about L-Gaim. It's a unique mecha anime that balances drama and comedy well with awesome designs that's also overlooked in the west.