Friday, March 28, 2008

Episode #12 Gold Throbber

It was going to be a all hentai show when low and behold Gold lightan the super golden mecha made a surprise appearance!!!!

this show is about
-buying anime cels
-being a slack ass
-Goldlightan dissing the transformers
-also Goldlightan breaks his silence with a super mecha rap!!! DOWNLOAD HERE


Unknown said...

Haha that was awesome.Totally worth the wait.

And I agree that Viga's show is pretty cool ; It's pretty awesome that there are females out there who like Giant Robo and Samurai Executioner.

Regan Strongblood said...

Thanks Marius its a pretty silly episode,but what the hell its all for fun.

ZombieToaster said...

I like how he rap randomly became reggae for afew seconds :P

You should release the song alone.

Regan Strongblood said...

lol thanks zombietoaster, I thought I would try and make a different vibe on this one, kind of silly with the facts on goldlightan aswell.I was a little embarrassed to bust out the rap , but I thought it would be crazy to make goldlightan be the O.T and bust out a song/

Unknown said...

Fuck me, that was fantastic. Can I play that song at the end of the next AniPac episode? That kind of ingenuity deserves to be heard multiple times!

Regan Strongblood said...

Sure Dane you can play it if you like,thanks for playing my promos aswell it really helps.

Nick Frampton said...

lol, dat waz cool! ohhh, i was sooo looking forward 2 dat hentai episode man. the hentai bitch on the gold lightan picture is worth doing over! god i wish that was nami from one piece or misato from evangelion or oruhime from bleach. ohh god those ho's are bitches worth fucking man! and as an anime fan, hentai is better than live action porno, in my opinion. like the chicks are alot sexier.

i wish gold lightan was dubbed in english man. manga uk should dub it! lol

regan, ur podcast should go on itunes, this is some awesome shit!

from ur faithful anime follower,

the prophet agp

Eeeper said...

It's a cool song, Regan. Check out R5 Central and look for the Gunbuster song that Mike recorded for the Ninja Consultant. Same thing.

BTW: please for the love of God, don't click on any of the links on Viga's recent WTF show!

No, no, no, no.

*sobs quietly*

Anonymous said...

Hey Man its me Magus from Youtube. Finally got a chance to check out your podcast and your doing me a great favor by helping me discover many of these old school animes. Hey I like both the new school and the oldschool, but hell yea dude you do a great great podcast.

Alryo said...

AWESOME!! XD ... Goldlightan steals the show ... that was great entertainment right there Regan. Kudos for the song!!!

Regan Strongblood said...

Alryo -bro thanks, hey I have a really awsome old school anime for you from 1986 , of course its in spanish, email me and i will send you the link.

It seems like all the good anime that up on rapidshare is always in spanish jealous!!!

GamerMagusX1-Hey man thanks for checking out the show , this week im goign to be looking at the dirty pair tv show , man i love the dirty pair!!!