Monday, March 10, 2008

Episode11(revamp) appleseed1988

Ok I made a bad mistake in this episode originally, by calling manga entertainment a branch of central park media which is INCORRECT!! OOPS MY BAD (thanks for the correction Prophet AGP)

so by the magic that is editing I have corrected the ultimate mistake , you can tell the place I screw up because I have replaced my blasphemy with the words manga entertainment repeated 8 times so I shall never forget again!!!!!!!

Anyhow this time around I talk on....
-The 1988 ova
-My former anime dealers hate for me
-The power of anime love
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Unknown said...

Darn! You beat me to it; I was planning on reviewing the Appleseed OVA on top of "Ex Machina" as a suprise; And you pretty much echoed my thoughts on "Ex Machina" word for word.

Thanks for your praise of my Dominion review, and yes, If Alex does whine, I'll just edit it out and record the rest myself.

ZombieToaster said...

did you just censor my post :_(

Regan Strongblood said...

Zombietoaster, no I didnt what happened is I made a bad mistake in my information on the company manga entertainment.
So I deleted the show and revamped it so I wouldnt look like a complete idiot.
you may notice I explain all about it in the notes for episode 11, so no dude it wasnt my plan to censor you ,when i deleted the show all the comments also got deleted, im not sure if there is a way to save comments if you delete a post.

ZombieToaster said...

ok, no problem. I just thought you removed it cause it was abit negative :p

So ill make it again now right below this one.

ZombieToaster said...

When will you release ep 10 already >:U

just kidding :P

Regan Strongblood said...

i will release the gold lightan episode after my 2 next reviews, why so long you might ask.....

super robots rap song
nuff said!

tissuekins said...

Dude, I actually enjoyed the new appleseed movie insetad of the OVA cause...I don;t know deunan is such a bad ass loner chick. It's like ana ction film with cyborgs which is my perfect thing.

ZombieToaster said...

Its a witch! Burn iiiiit!!! :P

Alryo said...

Easy-to-listen-to review!! I enjoyed it. I've watched only the two newer Appleseed movies ... I heard so many negative reviews about this OVA that I put it off. But your short dramatization of the events plus the insight to the appleseed manga has changed my mind once again. I like the way Masamune Shirow writes/draws scifi and I'll check out his other works beside GITS and Appleseed.

I like ExMachina even though it was 3D but I agree that a 2D film would have been even more expressive medium to use for the story. Anyways, I believe the reason behind the 3D approach is to appeal to the western audience and what makes me certain of it? ... The involvement of John Woo is my greatest reason, his style is everywhere in this movie.

Lastly, Hurray for a possible TV show!!!
Keep up the good work!!

Unknown said...

Oh man , I know I'm going to get the hates but whatever.Although I've only seen the recent releases of Appleseed , I gotta admit that I just really don't care for it that much.

Can I have a side order of story with my action please ?

tissuekins said...

I feel differently, as I enjoy my action with little to no story.

Regan Strongblood said...

-Alryo!! good to see you here bro.

-Marius I agree with you the new anime of apple seed really lacks in story,the 1988 ova is better.