Sunday, June 15, 2008

Episode18: Beast King Golion

Episode 18 is all about the most awesome Beast king Go(5)Lion!!

-I talk about the new fansub group:BOX and our work on the movie Locke the super man.
-I talk about how Voltron sucks balls,but Golion rules!!!
-I give props to some fellow anime podcasters and ask the question if all these animepodcasts love Getter Robo so much ,have any of them even seen the original Getter Robo or Getter robo G????
-I talk on some great fansub groups and some torrents to check out.

Make sure you support Media blasters on their release of GOLION , if we buy it more great old school stuff might come out!! DOWNLOAD HERE


Unknown said...

Anyways, this was basically a very good episode; I'm sure all the ladies and gentleman listening agree with me!

I never was into Voltron although all my classmates in primary school were; I'll have to check out Go-Lion!

I'm very excited to hear about what BOX is going to bring out; awesome!

Regan Strongblood said...

Anyways dane thanks, basically i wanted to let the ladys and gentleman know about the golion goodness.... Anyways basically ladys and gentleman !!!!!!!!

Kent said...

I'm definitely going to be picking Golion up. Have you seen the fan promo for this release yet? Golion promo. It looks like it will be a lot more entertaining than Voltron was.

Unknown said...

Hey, aren't you "Up A Paddle's" Kent? Oh my goodness! I'm so excited!

Well that settles it, after seeing that trailer, there's no way I'm NOT getting this.

N15PCA said...

I love Voltron allot. I bought all five DVD's box set's to Voltron. They look like the lions and it also came with a tons of extra's on the DVD's.

Yes it was part of my child hood memories, but I still love Voltron.

I might get Go Lion. I do want to see the differents between Voltron and Go lion.

Daryl Surat said...

Considering the amount of times I have made reference to Starvengers and the fact that they renamed Captain Hitler to Captain Fuhrer, I would say that it's a pretty good bet that I have seen Getter Robo as well as Getter Robo G...

Regan Strongblood said...

Daryl Surat, you honor me with your mighty anime presence!!! I brought up the fact that you are the originator of the getter robo podcast craze,and also make a point to say there is no doubt you know what your talking about.

But Daryl I will mail you Getter robo g and the original getter robo both uncut and subtitled for Ambassador Magma,what do you say???? email me about it!!!


Alryo said...

In this episode you mentioned a handful of old school shows. Great music once again!! I was a Robotech fan until I found out SD Macross and felt so deceived. Felt the same with Saber Rider and Musketeer Bismark ... Voltron, only heard of it and played around with the toys (Thanks for Go Lion) ... Captain Future Yeah, the pilot movie, just awesome. I used to watch this one with Galaxy Express 999 when I was a lad ... I"M SO MAD THAT MY BEST BUY DOESNT HAVE GO LION YET, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

Great intro to the GO Lion Goodness ... I'm so buying Go Lion I can't wait to get my hands on that boxset.
MediaBlasters should pay to announce their releases with such a enthusiasm, its contagious!!!!

Alryo said...

In meant to say MediaBlasters should pay YOU to announce their cool releases hah hah. By the way, i just remembered about a show called Denjin Albegas that was supposed to become the next Voltron (thankfully never happened) ... its a cool Super Robot show that I recommend. 3 combining robots (Alpha, Beta and Gamma). Check it out