Friday, June 13, 2008

new show up TOMORROW

-Hi guys I have been really busy working on Locke the super man with the newly formed boxtorrents fansub group:BOX.Things are going really well and 30 minutes of the movie are all ready to go so far.
Im so happy and also shocked that I found a fansub group willing to work on old school anime that hasnt had justice in the west.Locke the super man is a important part of 80s anime and the manga is very famous in Japan.

-Just to prove to you guys im a hardcore Locke fan heres me with my offical 1984 Japanese poster for the movie.

-TOMORROW episode 18 its all about Golion!!! THANK YOU MEDIA BLASTERS!!!

Hail Odin!
your humble anime slave
Regan Strongblood


Alryo said...

Like Borat would say Waawaweewa!! Just plain cool Regan ... thats hardcore!!
Hey man thanks helping bringing back the forgotten 80s shows for all the fans. Take us to the golden age of anime and makes forget the mediocrity of today's shows.