Friday, March 28, 2008

Episode #12 Gold Throbber

It was going to be a all hentai show when low and behold Gold lightan the super golden mecha made a surprise appearance!!!!

this show is about
-buying anime cels
-being a slack ass
-Goldlightan dissing the transformers
-also Goldlightan breaks his silence with a super mecha rap!!! DOWNLOAD HERE

Monday, March 10, 2008

Episode11(revamp) appleseed1988

Ok I made a bad mistake in this episode originally, by calling manga entertainment a branch of central park media which is INCORRECT!! OOPS MY BAD (thanks for the correction Prophet AGP)

so by the magic that is editing I have corrected the ultimate mistake , you can tell the place I screw up because I have replaced my blasphemy with the words manga entertainment repeated 8 times so I shall never forget again!!!!!!!

Anyhow this time around I talk on....
-The 1988 ova
-My former anime dealers hate for me
-The power of anime love
(to download right click on the"here"and click save target as)
Get your apple on!!! download it HERE