Friday, November 8, 2013

Episode 53 animation82:Teddy Ruxpin madness

Animation82 when we take a break to talk about non Japanese animation!!
This time.....
-Anime fansubs and dvd release news
-I answer one email question
-Teddy Ruxpin madness is running wild (ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhh!)
-I talk about my insane collection and bring back the power of the ANIMELOVE!!!

download the show HERE

Friday, August 23, 2013

Episode 52 mecha madness returns part 2of2: back for good!!

After a long time Anime82 is back with the madness with part 2of2, this time on the show.... -fansubbing news -emails -Regan anime recommendations -Destroy all podcast dx gang answers 12 mecha questions -Regan (thats me) concludes the Astro boy rejects part 2of2 !All this plus the power of the ANIMELOVE! Download HERE!!!!!