Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Episode#29 Metroplois

Im back once again,and now forever!!!
This time I talk on...
-BOX fansubs


Unknown said...

Was wondering if you would review more manga in the future.
I've seen the 1927 movie Metropolis and is one of the few silent films I like. It's noticeable for it's visuals of the futuristic high rises and skybridges, a humanoid robot, and the character of Rotwang, one of the first mad scientists and the first character eith a black glove on his right hand. Can you name a few with gloves on the right hand? So Metropolis had major influences on Stanly Kubrick, George Lucus, Ripley Scott and Osamu Tezuka(little). It was also the influence for the 1998 anime version. I highly recommend it and you should check it out! The special effects are mind blowing, the plot is solid, the morals are ambiguous, and the themes are layered. Also check out the Novel Metropolis by Thea Von Harbou, it has alot more explanatory than the movie. Anyways, check it out on youtube or by the dvd which ever you prefer. PEACE!

Unknown said...

Also kudos to the love towards the movie as its very dear to me.

Anonymous said...

Consider it sucked!

Regan Strongblood said...

-Anthony I plan on reviewing some more manga for sure,Galaxy express 999 and Hi no tori are my first targets.

-Marius brother I really love the movie and understand why they made the changes for the movie adaptation...I think it made the story better,still waiting to hear about your podcast DJ.D!!

-Dane cant wait for the first episode of ANIPAC you and AWo I consider the 2 best anime podcasts on the planet!!!

VZ said...

Glad that you're still continuing your podcast.

Great stuff.

Unknown said...

What's the worst manga you've read and will you do a bad manga?

Nam said...

Hey, thanks for checking our podcast. I'll be adding your site to our page as well.

Root Beer King said...

Congrats on hitting it big time(AKA getting your promo played on AWO), Regan!

Regan Strongblood said...

Anthony-the worst manga would be wounded man.I bought every volume at a some what high price with out reading it at all,it was so bad that it was good!I might review a bad manga sometime but this show will stay at about 95%anime content.

Nam-Love your podcast man!
I will bring it up in my
30th episode.

Rootbeerking-Thanks dude,seeing how awo is the best anime podcast hands down it does help alot.

tissuekins said...

Awesome episode Regan my man. I love Tezuka and apollo's song sealed the deal for me. Me and Marius share the same feelings about metropolis. I think the anime made the story more human and a little closer to the original film that inspired it.

Unknown said...

Riggs, I saw the trailer to the Astro Boy movie, and was wondering what your thoughts are. I'm skeptical and not too sure bout it.

Regan Strongblood said...

Tissuekins-yeah man I love the film,but according to Tezuka the manga wasnt based off the German film,he simply like the name.

Anthony-I have high hopes for the new astro though off the bat im pretty sad that they changed the character design I guess astro now has a coat on instead of just the black shorts.As a massive astro boy fan I have to have hope though,at least the director worked with the guys at tezuka productions.

My biggest hope is a proper blu ray release of the new astro boy show,because its really good.

p.s new show will be up very soon.