Saturday, March 13, 2010

Episode39: *Special 12 Questions Series 1 -Champion Edition

I have gathered the mightiest anime podcasters of all times to battle!
To fight to answer the questions of pain and glory, to see who is truly the Ken-oh, King of Fists!! Over 2 hours of questions with the champions of anime podcasting!
-from the Anime world order we have Gerald and Daryl aka Darald
-from Anime pacific we have Dane aka Mcbuby
-from Eeepers choice we have Phillip aka King Eeeper
-from Lathers Blather we have Jeff aka Rich lather
-im your host Regan Strongblood aka Sonichu the electric hedgehog Pokemon

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Unknown said...

I missed the whole somethingawful chapter, since I had long been a fan of Animetalk and already seen all your videos. I notice your views have jumped substantially since I last watched them, hmmm...

I do miss them though. If it wasn't for your youtube show I would never have crossed over to the podcasting world and they should be left out there as a beacon for fellow fans who share our taste.

I share Dane's opinion on the Berserk anime. The director's choice to tone certain things down (such as the fantasy elements), be it due to budget reasons or not, helped the show a lot. I fear if another anime were made in this day and age there's a high chance of it not being nearly as good as that series.

Diehards would disagree, but that manga jumped the shark a long time ago anyway.

I enjoyed Daryl's old trail-by-fire method of getting people into anime. Night on the Galactic Railroad is a great film, but I can understand if there aren't many people out there with the attention span or interest to get through it, as sad as that is.

Regan Strongblood said...

Hi Karl thanks for keeping up with the show, the reason I took my you tube videos down was not because some one made fun of (one) them. In fact the video some guy wanted to make fun of was my VOTOMS review, which is still up on my you tube account in fact. I really wanted to do an anime podcast from the get go but I didnt have a mic or the know how. So once I got a mic and the know how I urged my you tube subs to move on over to my podcast, which a lot did which is really cool. The reason my you tube views really went up in number from a few hundred to thousands is because of my video response in defence of anime. My response video to Joesph was very popular, hence the increase. Im not sure why that is curious to you, a popular you tube video increases views seems simple to me. Daryl Surat is truly a king amongst men and I hail his anime power!
Thanks Karl

Unknown said...

Regan, I'm a sucker for internet drama! But mostly as an observer. I'm like Roah overlooking the clash between Kenshiro and Shin at the beginning of the Fish of the Northstar film.

On to more important things: didn't you say your group had plans to release the *mostly* uncut version of the 2003 Astroboy? I know that's a bit of an undertaking, but I do want to see it.

Zach said...


Fantastic episode, sir.

To Daryl-

Loved how it sounded like you weren't going to put Wings of Honneamise on your top 5 list, then did. Quite the 180, there.

Anonymous said...

Good show, Regan. Did one of my answers get chopped out or did I not send it to you? I think it was the third question. Speaking of questions, I was mortified when Daryl brought up the subject of people who say "I'm a fan of all genres!" AFTER I'd said the same thing! Oh, well. Daryl and I can bring our differing opinions to another field of battle another time. I choose sledgehammers as the weapon of choice!

In regards to Maria Holic, I would further add to my opinion expressed by saying that, after further discussion with Erica Friedman on the subject, I've come to the conclusion that MariaHolic is a title that first time viewers of Yuri titles can watch and enjoy on some level but that more experienced viewers and readers may tune out after a while for obvious reasons.

Regan Strongblood said...

Well Karl I have been holding out in hopes on a decent blu ray release of the 2003 astro boy. If this never comes to pass, I will rip the 1st 26 from the korean set then use the Japanese raws for the fan sub project. As someone who has now watch the show completely uncut, I can tell you its a beautiful anime. I promise that one day Astro boy 2003 will have justice in the English world!

Mr Zach McCue I think your new show is very good, and I plan to help promote your cause. Manime and anime82 shall unite as podcast comrades!

Zach said...


I now have a Twitter account set up specifically for the podcast / blog. I sent you an invite so check that out! I also now have an RSS feed for the blog as well.

Regan Strongblood said...

Eeeper the 3rd question is answered by you, its just the order of the answer I mixed up. The reason is while I was editing it I forgot to place you in so instead of redoing the 3rd question I just placed you in the wrong order for that one question. Eeeper my friend your answers are in fact superb, please dont feel self conscious from the talented wit (and snark) of Mr Daryl Surat.
On the contrary I really enjoy the contrast of your answers. I was really impressed with Dane calling out Go Nagi as a pick for most important person in anime and then have Gerald make the choice of Go Nagi. I never even thought of Go Nagi or the Nish as my pick. I made sure not to listen to any of my guest answers until after I recorded my part as to not be influenced. It was a great show thanks to you and the others Eeeper, I really hope you will be a guest on my show again in the future.

Scott Speiderman said...

I'm in complete agreement with Daryl on Imagawa for the favorite directors. Oshii not so much, but I can see the appeal.

I'm trying to watch all of Imagawa's stuff. Virgin Fleet is weird as hell but it's only 3 episodes and hasn't made me want to shoot myself so far. I hear Nana Seven of Seven isn't great, but I'll give it a chance eventually.

Imagawa made G(reatest) Gundam and, of course, Giant Robo, so in my eyes he can do no wrong.

Superdeformed said...

Dear Rich Lather,

Shinichi Watanabe != Shinichiro Watanabe

The management