Friday, November 8, 2013

Episode 53 animation82:Teddy Ruxpin madness

Animation82 when we take a break to talk about non Japanese animation!!
This time.....
-Anime fansubs and dvd release news
-I answer one email question
-Teddy Ruxpin madness is running wild (ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhh!)
-I talk about my insane collection and bring back the power of the ANIMELOVE!!!

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rego strongblood said...

Hey guys im aware of the edit mistakes, but I thought they wuz funny so I left it in.
God bless-Rego

mamu said...

Welcome back Mr. strongblood

Looking forward to listening to the Teddy Ruxpin madness.

I never got to see the The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin in its entirety because at the time the state run TV channel (the only TV channel at the time) did not care about licensing the completed series. I believe they only had few episodes and ran those for years. Now we got the internet to remedy this nonsense.

Would you consider doing a review of Ulysses 31?

rego strongblood said...

Hey mamu thanks, where are you from? Would I consider a review of Ulysses 31? Not only would I consider it, I promise to do it one day soon!!

mamu said...

I am from Nigeria

So i listened to the show and its great, i must say the best part of the show is bringing the babe home and she loving teddy "Its on Tonight"

rego strongblood said...

Hey thanks mamu,I try and keep it a little crazy!!!
Nigeria hey, did you have any anime on the state ran channel in Nigeria?

mamu said...

In the 80's we had Voltron, G-Force (Gatchaman) and Thundersub (Blue Noah) on TV, at the time I did not know they were anime until I saw Akira followed by Crying Freeman (both VHS) on the same day back in 1994.

rego strongblood said...

Once you see Akira everything changes, I still recall the first time I watched it, blew my mind!! Up here in Canada the first anime I ever saw was Astro boy, it was easy to tell it was anime because all the creators are still credited in the credits. Make sure you check out Space adventure Cobra if you have not yet, its one of the best of 80s anime sci fi. My favs being Astro boy, Space Cobra, Fist of the north star and Galaxy express 999.

Anthony said...

Thanks for sharing good old childhood memories Regan! Oh dear, I remember fighting over a Teddy Ruxpin doll with a friend of mine at age 4. lol. It's been years since I last watched Teddy, but I'll forget the episode where Teddy reunites with his father. Yeah, they should have taken Nintendo's ticket! Anyhow, I got some questions man!
1. Will you be talking about the spaceships in the Leiji Matsumoto special?
2. Did you see Pacific Rim, and what are your impressions of the movie?
3. Have you heard the news of the title of Tomino's new anime yet?
4. Will you ever review Relic Hunter Legaciam?
5. What's your favorite Teddy Ruxpin moment?
6. What do you think of Golgo 13?
7. Captain Power FTW?
8. Speaking of Captain Power, which some episodes were written by Christy Marx (no relation to Graucho Marx or Karl Marx, lol) and who also wrote for Babylon 5, have you ever heard of a show she also co-created called Hypernaughts?
9. Do you think Go Nagai and Kentaro Miura of Berserk fame, were inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, especially with all the weird and wonderful looking monsters?

rego strongblood said...

1 I will be talking about harlock ssx myself

2 I have yet to see pacific rim, but I love gamera and godzilla and I hear its great, sure I will love it

3 I have not yet, but I love Tomino and will surely check it out

4 For you I will review relic hunter legaciam my friend!

5 I think my fav Teddy Ruxpin is the live action special

6 adore golgo 13 its on my to review list along with many others

7 captain power = awesome pick up the boxset

8 Hypernaughts - I like that show too!

9 I know H.P Lovecraft is well known and respected in Japan, Japanese fans are very impressive to me, they are very dedicated and well read and knowledgeable about English and Russian sci-fi authors. Body morph or body horror is a big theme in japanese scifi and horror anime so theirs no doubt Lovecraft is the master and founding father of body morph and cray monsters, I really hope they are influenced by him, it would make perfect sense.

Thanks for all the questions and for always listening, I wish they would make a hp lovecraft anime based on all his famous stories he really is before his time and a genius.

Athony said...

It's always a pleasure to listen man! Anyhow Tomino's new project is called G Reconquisita, and here's a link:

Also thanks for answering my questions, and for your insights on Lovecraft, and I also have one last little gift; a live-action version of "The Call of Cthulu". Enjoy!

Sindar said...

Oh, I've heard Jeremy and Mike answering those questions about half a year ago. Thanks for making them do it =)

Also I have to say, Astroboy is way more weird than I thought.

rego strongblood said...

Yeah sindar astro boy is awesome and so are Jer and Mike sorry it took me so long to get it posted.

Sindar said...

Well yeah, your reviews and comments on Astroboy already made me interested to see the series. I'll probably start with the 1963 version. It will be the first black-and-white anime for me =)

rego strongblood said...

My fav overall is the 80s Astroboy series. I would reccomend starting with the best and closest to the Astro boy manga.Some love the 60s astro, but its too bad they dont have a fully subtitled version out for it, The 80s astro if fully english subbed and dubbed if you like.

Sindar said...

Oh wow, I would have thought a series that was done 50 year ago would surely be subbed. Too bad. I guess I'll follow your advice then. Thanks =)

Anthony said...

Merry X-mas Regan!

James Kaiser said...

I wonder when the next episode is going to happen. I'm really enjoying this show.

reganstrongblood said...

Hey thanks James, im just waiting on all the guest host to finish up their 21 answers for questions series 4, should be up in a week or so I hope!

reganstrongblood said...

Thanks pal, I hope you had a good one too