Sunday, June 22, 2008

episode 19 Mighty Orbots

-This time I take a look at the beautifully animated anime/cartoon
Mighty Orbots.
-I question my brain and why is it Possessed by the ANIMELOVE.
-I admit to purchasing the new Teddy Ruxpin dvd boxset.
-I spread the anime love. DOWNLOAD HERE


Charleston said...

Can't wait to listen to this one man, and I'm surprised you worked out, I used to do quite a bit of tae kwon do, so I'm more flexible than most dudes. But you could probably put your leg behind your head or something, I can only raise my leg towards my stomach.

Regan Strongblood said...

Thanks dude,whens your next show going to be out by the way???

Alryo said...

Mighty Orbots!! ... I enjoyed the music in this episode. Talking about music, I liked the intro to this show although I wasn't that lucky to ever see it on TV. This was back in the day when they knew how to write better lyrics for cartoons intro heh heh. Insightful glance to the coolness of this show ... thanks for sharing the anime love =) Peace!

Unknown said...

"whens your next show going to be out by the way???"

Whoopsie ...

Man I have to catch up to your show as well , I've missed a couple of eps due to family commitments and shit.

Also I'm just going to mention something at completely random:Owen Hart.