Thursday, July 10, 2008

Episode #20:Angel's Egg

Wow I made it to episode 20!!!
Thanks for all the kind email and comments guys.
This time I take a look at the 1985 movie:Angel's Egg
I also....
-talk about Star wars and why I like it more than Star trek
-get pumped about the new star wars cartoon movie and live action tv series thats coming out
-spread the ANIMELOVE!!!!!
*Warning in this episode I get WAY WAY OFF TOPIC and give long-winded rants on philosophy Download HERE


Charleston said...

Mister Reagan, I will set my phasers on kill, for Star Trek is the superior of shows. No, I kid, but I'm a trekkie man, but Star Wars is space opera, and you're down with that, but I like my sci-fi like I like my dudes, hard and sweaty! (that's not gay).

Unknown said...

If you're going to listen to him , you might as well listen to that crazy hobo outside your local McDonalds talking about impending doom.

StarWars is by far the superior show . Ep 4,5,6 is totally where its at.

Charleston said...

Hey man, I'm just saying, they're two different creatures, Star Wars is fantastical, almost fantasy-like, start trek is something realistic and more social. It's also very hard, as hard as my love of mech-fighting soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Many label Star Wars as fantasy; as it essentially deals with magic, mythology and mysticism whereas Star Trek is very much so, Science-Fiction; "If we adjust the positron matrix of the warp coils, we might be able to create a temporal vortex that acts as a shield against the Romulan photon torpedoes."

Having said that, Fantasy is my preffered genre, just by a thread. Thus the inclusion of magic as well as spaceships and Aliens makes Star Wars pretty much the best thing in the galaxy for me.

Having said that, Star Trek DS9 is one of my favourite TV shows. I love that show to death. Perhaps due in part that it does deal with more mystical elements that other Star Treks do not.

Alryo said...

Love the philosophical rant Regan ... very interesting points of view. That's the main reason I like Oshii's works. I remember you talking about this anime in youtube and I forgot to check it out then. I think Im gonna give my mind a work out by watching Angel's Egg one of these days. About Star Wars vs Star Trek ... I prefer Star Wars too.

tissuekins said...

Oh man, being the only trekkie in the room, I feel inclined to say that since you guys have lightsabers and Natalie Portman, that you guys win. Also, I never enjoyed DS9, but i enjoy TNG and Voyager. Especially the holographic doctor.