Saturday, July 12, 2008

Episode21 Top 10 MADDNESS!!!

breaking it down just for fun ***WARNING the closing song is a tad louder then the rest of the show so if you have headphones on take notice and protect your ears DOWNLOAD HERE


Unknown said...

Regan, sir, loved the show! Could you share some info. about Dorvack and Xabungle if you have any? Keep it up oh anime guru!

Unknown said...

Seriously man I don't totally agree with your views on religion and politics , but I mean there's no way to avoid both those subjects when dealing with any of Oshii's work.Giving your opinion on it , at least proves your show won't do whatever other cookie cutter show would do and skirt around the issues.

Don't see that as a diss or whatever man.I mean , I get all of my political info from Team America World Police.So my judgment is pretty suspect.

But more importantly

I think I discovered your show on youtube last year based on the exact same subject matter.Great to see this episode turned into a cast.


The Drunk African

tissuekins said...

Hey man I don't know why you're so apologetic, like my drunk African friends says, you can't avoid that shit. But it's also your podcast and you shouldn't really be censoring your own opinions. I think it takes manly balls to lay down your opinions in an arena where it can be judged. Also, Votoms, is the most relaistic, but I guess gundam does get 1st place since it's the OG (original gundam).

Alryo said...

The TOP TEN MADNESS was FUUUUN!! I've seen most of the Super Robot shows in your top ten but none of the ones listed as Realistic Mechas. I better go i check 'em out ... I watched Gasaraki and Gundam Wing for my share of realistic mecha but it seems Im missing out the better shows.
About the philosophical/political/religious views in your last episode ... i think it was relevant to what you were saying about Angels Egg. Not a problem for me ... its up to you ... either way keep up the good work! Man! there's SO MANY GOOD SHOWS so LITTLE TIME!
I need to take a vacation to sit down and watch anime the whole LOL.

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