Monday, July 6, 2009

Episode#33 return of the ANIMELOVE!!

Its all about the great one COOOOBRA! Look for Dane of anime pacific and Aaron of the warp podcast on this episode!


VZ said...

I'm downloading Space Carlvinson now. It's raw but I don't care really.

But oh man, that guy that reviewed Sora Kake Shoujo. What a jackass. I'm sorry but he's going to hate it just because of the fanservice? That's what makes it fun to watch. I've only seen the first four episodes but had to stop, not out of disinterest but because the .avi subbing for the show stopped.

Regan Strongblood said...

Yeah viz a little fan service doesnt bother me.There has always been sexy stuff in alot of anime I like,I mean COBRA and Dirty pair are chalked full of it.Its a crazy world when sex is more outrageous to people then violence, seems to be the way in North America.Show your kids a guys head getting blown off, but some tits giggling in the wind and all hell breaks loose!

tissuekins said...

VZ, it wasn't the fact of fan-service, but the amount of it. It was also the content and the artstyle. I'm not very eloquent when I do these kinds of things but the show itself isn't up to par with itself. The writing was fine, but the whole visual aspect itself was lacking. It's too sexualized for me. So then I ask myself "who is this show aimed for?" I know it's not aimed for people like me.
the characters are also kind of annoying, especially the main character, and I'm tired of the whole media in res motif. I wanna know what's going on, stop dropping me into the middle of the fucking story. Now, like Regan, to me fanservice is fine, but when it becomes sexualized and fetishistic I can't stand it. There's also no need to call me a jackass. You should be mature enough to voice your opinions without calling people names. I've said this before, but it's because of shows like these that anime is going downhill in general.

Anime HACK said...


Listened to the episode, really entertaining. The question you asked got me thinking about what I would want to be brought over. Great episode dude.

Anime HACK

Dane said...

Jolly good episode!

My dear Regan, you didn't like Fist of The Blue Sky? I'm kind of bias because I did time a few of the fansub episodes and helped LoverOfHokuto a bit here and there, who is a super cool guy.

Root Beer King said...

Dear Regan,

I STILL have your gold lightan rap stuck in my head...

Unknown said...

Hey tussuekins, I agree that the first episode is what draws you in an anime series cause it happens to myself.

Riggs, my opinion on fan-service is that as long as it's balanced with other content it's fine with me but if over-blown, I think that's cheating.