Saturday, January 23, 2010


This time we try something different...
-Non Japanese animation reviews for one show only!!
-Dane of ANIPAC reviews Le Chaînon Manquant
-Gerald of Anime World order reviews Gandahar
-Phillip of Eeepers Choice reviews Twice Upon a Time
-Regan of Anime82 (thats me)reviews Star Wars: The Clone Wars
-Jeff of Lathers Blather answers the anime question

download HERE


VZ said...

I'm downloading Gandahar since it seems interesting.

Did you talk about the OVA Dragon's Heaven? The mecha designer and director Makoto Kobayashi was influenced by Moebius and western sci-fi.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I had not heard of Gandahar before listening to this, I'll certain check that out, as well as the one Eeeper recommended.

Incidently, Alex is Ukranian and I do believe his grandmother would order a Cossack invasion of Regina were she to hear Alex referred to as Russian!

Regan Strongblood said...

Hey VZ I didnt really go into the details about Makoto Kobayashi, I just said he was an influence. I did bring it up on my review for Dragon's Heaven.

Hey Dane, Alex the Russian nightmare cant fool me. No Anime Pacific this week?

Anonymous said...

Nay Regan,

It's a fortnightly show now, but it'll come out on time each fortnight as Anime Pacific usually did when it was weekly!

Incidentally, I plan on checking out Box of Goblins now that it's finally been fully subbed.

RWG said...

Cool website! I've been googling like crazy the last few weeks and have a hard time it took so long to find it. Downloading a few of the podcasts to get a feel for it.

RWG (can't get enough old school stuff)

Regan Strongblood said...

Hey RWG welcome, I also dig your site. My first 10 shows are kind of ruff but after that I started to get the hang of things.

Guys I notice once the episode is completely finished it then cuts into episode 35 for a few seconds...err sorry about that a little bit of a edit error on my part. It doesn't effect the episode 36 though, because it happens after the show is finished.

The next episode should be cool, it's going to be an all ova show.

Unknown said...

Nice to see a change of pace once in a while Regan.

Out of the all six Star Wars films which is your fave?

Regan Strongblood said...

anthony personally my fav Star Wars is Return of the Jedi, I love Jaba, I love the planets and the aliens. Most people say The Empire Strikes Back, but I was too young to see those when they first came out. Return of The Jedi was my 1st taste of Star Wars around 5 years old, perhaps thats why aswell.

Unknown said...

Cool! I love the fleet battle and the ewaks, the spaceships and Jabba's sail barge.

BTW, do you read any western comics by any chance?

Also, what ovas do you have in mind?