Monday, October 24, 2011

Mecha Madness Final Final:12 Questions Series 2 - Mecha Edition

Its the return of the madness this episode with special guests joining us on the 12 Questions Series 2 Mecha Edition...

-Dane of Anime Pacific
-Jeff of Lathers Blather
-Philip of Eeepers choice
-Daryl and Gerald of the Anime World Order

All this and the return of the ANIMELOVE!!

*volume issues fixed
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OrgussFan said...

So I'm supposed to believe that if anyone likes those so-called "gimmick" shows then they're only liking them for the gimmicks and nothing else at all?  And Vision of Escaflowne is apparently a bad series now?

Alright, thanks for assuming we're all easily distracted idiots then, Gerald and Daryl. Thankfully, some of us are old and independent enough to know you're full of it, at least in this respect.

Reganstrongblood said...

Hey now im also a huge Orguss fan, Gerald and Daryl have their opinions and as it was a personal question towards them I for one respect their personal opinions. We all have our own like/dislikes after all. Thanks for listening to the show Orgussfan!!

Dustin Kopplin said...

Yea I've learned that podcasting is nothing but a verbal blog. And as blogs go, so does that saying about opinions "an opinion is like armpits, everyone has them and most of them stink." Daryl and Gerald rants are "debatable" among people in the anime community, but I do respect the fact that they are honest as long as they can state there reasons why something sucks. I dont have any clue why there is hate toward Gundam 0083 since I do enjoy it despite its flaws, but thats just me.

If i was given the chance on these questions, Id say Victory would be my favorite Gundam series by far seeing how its "KILL DEM ALL" and the darkest of the Gundam series, and 0080 is a good OVA to watch. Yea, Gundam Wing may get some flak, but the ending credits where its Relena in the jungle with her trying to pull on a rhinos tail is what gets me, like WTF does that have to do with Gundam? Gerald, I too have some Gunpla sitting around for the likes of about 2 some years, so I do like the idea of a Gunpla month. It at least gives people a reason to work on there kits than to give slothful excuses to why there there are boxes of unopened kits in one corner of there apartments. I second the Layzner boxset, let alone a release of Layzner to the states instead of import Laserdisc collections. I too want DYRL, and If i had the money from winning the lottery and told whoever had the rights to this anime "look agree on an amount and ill send you a check in the mail" I would do that. I like the idea of a re-release of Gall Force since I am trying to find the Earth Chapter series on VHS or DVD. And thats pretty much it. Can't wait to hear my Layzner review Regan.

Reganstrongblood said...

well said mr Kopplin and yes thanks for the Layzner review, a show I really like..

Dustin Kopplin said...

I just wanted to point out, 3 words can describe the shear awesomeness of Robot Jox... Robo.Chainsaw.Penis. That and the drawn out battle at the end sold me as posting the title of "Greatest Movie Ever" to it.

Marc Ferriere said...

I have to say that I was really inspired by Gerald's suggestion that there be a designated "Mecha Model Month" wherein 30+ year old guys would dig into their abandoned kits and spend a few minutes a day to actually finish one.     In the spirit of that amazing idea, I now have a long-ignored Macross 15th Anniversary edition Missile Phalanx in 1:100 scale.    I know my 3 1/2 year old daughter will probably destroy it, but at least I'll have expressed the anime love.    Thanks to Gerald for the idea and thanks to Regan for making it all possible!