Monday, April 9, 2012


The ANIMELOVE is back with a new show this time we..
-Talk on new fansub and dvd/bluray releases to look out for
-The Mr Anime tragedy
-Regans recommendations
-My top 20 anime of the 80s!!
p.s I promise to reupload the older episodes of anime82 that went down when g-cast died very soon OK!

*The ann podcast just did their top 10 of the 80s, so I thought why not join in....

download mp3 HERE


Dustin Kopplin said...

Funny, I was just thinking either today or yesterday that "Hey, it should be about time Regan post up another episode of something sometime soon," and lo and behold.

Reganstrongblood said...

Hey thanks Dustin, I guess great minds think alike

Dustin Kopplin said...

 So yea, why is their no love for Bubblegum Crisis? For srsly Regan? But hey, your list and all, plus my podcast spent like a month talking about that OVA, and I consider that an accomplishment in my lifetime.

Reganstrongblood said...

Yeah I like bubblegum crisis just didnt make my top 20, as there is hundreds of great anime from the 80s thats not saying it isnt epic...perhaps it should have made my top 20 hmmmmm

Dustin Kopplin said...

Well, if you have to swap one out, my suggestion would be California Crisis. I know that anime is so darn pretty to look at and cool as hell, but it feels like a promo ad for California for Japan, hence the lack of story. But, I am interested in other stuff that company did, even though I am not expecting something like Megazone.

This has also led me to waste two hours of time to do my (regular) part in posting on the AAA Podcast blog area, so I did my top 10:

Anthony said...

Great picks Riggs! I gotta check out some of the ones I haven't seen on the list. Also I believe Gaijin is pronounced "guy-gin" if that helps. Recently I finished Mospeada, although I found the ending somewhat disappointing, can't helped it was rushed while facing cancellation; meanwhile the original Gundam kicks ass! Need I say more? Lastly, Ozuma rocks! Can't go wrong with Leiji Matsumoto!

Reganstrongblood said...

Hey Anthony nice to hear someone who likes it everyone seems to no be into Ozuma, but I also like it. Mospeada I really like I bought the old block box set for that one years ago.
Hey Dustin im gonna go check out your top ten picks right now my friend.....

Anthony said...

 Right back at you Regan. Glad I'm not the only one who loves 80s anime. BTW Fist of the North Star is awesome! Kenshiro is Conan the Barbarian and Bruce Lee pit together. One of the greatest Alpha males ever!

Dane S. said...

I support Regan's entry of "California Crisis" as one of the top twenty Anime of the 80's. Granted, from a story perspective it may be lacking, but it has many redeeming qualities in my humble opinion.

Just to list a few:

* A shining example of 80's anime: Highly experimental, fantastic production values and a sci-fi twist. 

* Torao Arai's clearly inspired by Miami Vice pastel colour scheme and overall art design; a fusion of detailed 80's anime artwork and American pop-art. 

* A wonderful time capsule of not only the 80's, but America in the 80's from a Japanese perspective. 

* Miho Fujiwara's awesome song: Streets are hot! (She is on Youtube and recently left a comment on the youtube page for the song:

Only in Pre-bubble-burst Japan could this title exist. Commercial viability be damned, let's release this our way.

Reganstrongblood said...

Yah! Hi Dane glad to see you in the comments, tried to get a hold of you to be on this show. Hey perhaps on the next Anime Pacific you could give your top 10 ( or 20). Good points on Cali Crisis, good old Dane cheers to you my friend! I miss anipac, cant wait for the return!  

Dustin Kopplin said...

That is cool to see in a comment section, which is really rare these days to see that without users getting a "How dare you use my song, your banned" message from Youtube. I had Dan Collins (the drummer, I think that is his name) from Bal-Sagoth leave a comment on a Record of Lodoss War AMV I posted on YT 6 years ago when I made my account, only to find that a year later a company from italy request that it be taken down because "They have the rights to the anime" or some BS. I am sure I could post that up again and no one would care, because no one cares about AMV's these days.

But yea, I do like Miho and the soundtrack to this anime, that is a huge plus, and you do have some points that I cannot fault or go against. I guess it would be wrong of me to say to Regan to take that off his list for BGC when they are both about the same, incomplete story (BGC is really semi since it was never "really" completed, and Crash DOESNT COUNT!), rockin soundtracks, great design work, etc. Only difference is, BGC did (well still does) have a fan base because it did launch the anime fandom in the states years back. I don't dislike Calf Crisis in any way, but really wish it had some closure to it.

Dane S. said...

Yes, I found it very cool that she dropped a comment in there. It's quite an obscure album, especially a quarter of a century later!

Ultimately, as Regan mentioned, the list if a personal choice. Personally, I cannot stand Yoshiyuki Tomino as a director. I attempted to watch Gundam Z, but couldn't stomach the Tomino-esque pacing. I found the films much more watchable and quite enjoyable.

Bubblegum Crisis is definitely one of the more important titles of the 1980's, especially on English speaking soil!

As much as I wish it had, California Crisis really didn't make a blip on the radar and was quickly forgotten soon after its release. (The main character refuses sex with the girl because she looked too young; a sharp contrast to the pedo-centric nature of a lot of Anime these days!)

I personally, shed tears that "Wings of Honneamise" was not included on the list, but that's a personal favorite! 

Dane S. said...

I just replied to the e-mail yesterday and minutes later discovered your new episode! Heh! No problem, I was a bit late. My computer is still in shambles!

Dustin Kopplin said...

I liked WIngs when I saw it, but I isn't as special to me as whatever i posted earlier for my top 10. But there is so much more like City Hunter, Dirty Pair, Cobra, its kinda hard to pick everything into a top 10 list from the 80's because it shows just how much there was to pick. And it really doesn't matter what you pick, because it will be unique and special in its own way to people who have or have not seen it.

Zeta Gundam is a series that took quite a few years for me to finish (first starting in 2002 from some fansite that some guy had mpeg files at like 80mb each in chinese subs of episodes 4-6, then found fansubs from probably the 80s or 90's that made its way on Kazaa, which then I found more off edonkey later, which then lead me to getting the individual dvds over a period of 3 years by going to best buys discount racks and online stores because the boxset was too stupidly overpriced for a 19 year old who made 150 a week doing construction and being half poor already, so I got the last dvd back in 08), so the series was very unique and quite the hunt to get a hold of and finish. I have the dvd set of the films that I will tackle this weekend on my spring break that Ive had for about 2 years on my shelf just waiting to be watched.

As far as gundam series go, Victory has always been my favorite (which I got all the episodes through the same mpeg format in high school from a buddy of mine which were all subbed in chinese, but watch fansubs of it a few years later), which is much darker than what Zeta Gundam was. Regardless of the backlash of the two, I still enjoy them a lot.

I can see how Regan put Calf. Crisis on his list since he did work on fansubbing the thing. I mean shoot, if I worked on something, I would add it to my list, because why fansub something you dislike?

Reganstrongblood said...

Dane I had  Wings of Honneamise, at least I did mention in honourable mentions under the name royal  space force, so fear not I did give it some love! Is there any anime as beautiful as  Honneamise, just watching it again after all these years its really so beautiful to look at. Dane any chance we could see anime pacific top 10 on your next podcast?

Dane S. said...

Well, Toshio Maeda recorded a small opening for the next episode, so Urotsukidoji is the priority; I might try and squeeze it in there if it is possible. If not; It will definitely be a topic in the future.

Reganstrongblood said...

Urotsukidoji on the next Ani Pac? HELLZ YEAH!!

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joenook said...

Can't wait to listen! I'm disappointed I noticed this at 2 in the morning. :(

likalaruku said...

Is that a non chibi Wapiko from Goldfish Warning?

jango said...

No its from
Leda - The Fantastic Adventure Of Yohko