Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Episode:50 12 questions series 3 reverse edition- part 1of3

12 questions is back with series 3:The reverse edition! With guests -Gerald and Daryl of the Anime World Order podcast -Dane of the Anime Pacific podcast -Philip of Eeepers choice podcast -Zeonicfreak of the Cybernautscast podcast This was a huge podcast, so out of mercy I have split it into 3 parts. Please return for part 2 of The reverse edition later this week. Also in this episode.... Fansub news and the ANIMELOVE! Download HERE


TheCyberNautsCast said...

HAHA, You must be on some Chris Chan kick or something, great music selection!!

Reganstrongblood said...

Im a huge Chris Chan fan, thanks for being on the show man, great job!

James Rockin said...

Regan, Great show.  Buddy how can I get Heavy Metal L-Gaim early episodes? Nobody is seeding. Help a brother out. This show is awesome.