Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Episode 54 Question series 4: Now and then edition part 1

Anime82 return with the power of the ANIMELOVE with another question series kick off!!
This time we are joined by...
-Dane of Anime Pacific
-Gerald and Daryl of AWO
-Philip of Eeepers Choice
-The Anime Of Yesteryear crew
-Dawn of the Anime Nostalgia Podcast

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D-Boy said...

Damn that Veef. Eventually he won't be talking to anyone.

rego campbell said...

Im a huge fan of the Veef show, I hope to have him on the show someday. No disrespect to the Veef!

Dane S. said...

Layzner is almost complete? Wow!

Discotek actually went through on their promise of "free shipping" when I pre-ordered Mad Bull 34, and sent it to Hong Kong for FREE.

Since then, I've noticed that they now state that overseas orders are ineligible for free shipping.

Dane S. said...

When did I record this again? Some of the stuff I have said is so dated!

Since then, I was able to get Crunchyroll via VPN but after watching "Attack on Titan" and half of "Kill La Kill" (and found it rather vapid and throwaway), decided to cancel my subscription after realizing that there's just not enough new stuff to justify it. Funimation seems much more up my alley.

I stated that the Manga of "Souten Kouro" was complete, thus we would get a satisfactory ending to the Anime and how it should hopefully end as strong as it starts: Wrong on both counts. The ending was a quick throwaway text. basically saying: "And Cao Cao had many more battles and died". Terrible. The show also buckled under the constraints of historical fidelity (despite being a new take) and the last 10 or so episodes had a noticeable decline. *sigh*

Dane S. said...

I'm happy to hear that, I do wonder if my answers aren't too long winded.

I'm extremely glad you did edit out that bit where I said there were no new episodes. I had just thought of it the other day and realized it wasn't in the episode! Thanks!

Phillip said...

Wait, will Discotek ship stuff outside the US? I though they'd locked it off the US recently?

Phillip said...

I was being very honest in that question of the fansubs. I really don't watch that much anymore. Basically it's now whatever I've got lying around that I haven't watched yet. There's just too much in my to watch pile for me to keep adding it.

*Says this right after placing order for Lupin Bye-Bye Lady Liberty and Mazinger Z*

ZeonicFreak said...

Hey man, what's up with you cutting our answers really short. all I heard was me talking for a minute and my cohost never gets to respond. is this how your going to do all our questions? Just wanna know man.

Phillip said...

You fiend! How could you!??!

Dane S. said...

Actually, it seems like less of joke than I thought upon thinking about it. Daryl & Gerald retweeted my joyous tweet about getting Mad Bull 34 delivered to Hong Kong, so literally thousands of Anime fans and personalities saw that tweet.

Maybe I really did screw it up! :(